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  • fossil free: microbe helps convert solar power to liquid

    call for eu to stop subsidies for fossil fuels to help bio based materials sector and the circular economy trend report on carbon dioxide based polymers – technologies, polymers, and producers marktstudie über kohlendioxid basierte polymere – technologien, polymere und produzenten

  • neurological research and practice articles

    · hdmtx based induction therapy followed by consolidation with conventional systemic chemotherapy and intraventricular therapy (modified bonn protocol) in primary cns lymphoma: a monocentric retrospective analysis

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    search the world's most comprehensive index of full text books. my library

  • a comparative study of bat1706 and eu avastin® in patients

    · this is a phase iii, randomized, double blind, multicenter, active comparator, parallel two arm study to compare the efficacy, and to evaluate the safety, and immunogenicity of bat1706 to eu avastin® in patients with previously untreated advanced non squamous non small cell lung cancer (nsnsclc) to demonstrate clinical equivalence of bat1706 and eu avastin®.

  • synergy ai: artificial intelligence based precision

    · synergy ai: artificial intelligence based precision oncology clinical trial matching and registry the safety and scientific validity of this study is the

  • taxonomic information exchange and copyright: the plazi

    · the alternative to full text search is to embed domain specific mark up, such as elements delimiting and identifying scientific names, individual treatments, or materials citations, essentially modeling the logical content. however, marking up literature after

  • chemical recycling of waste plastics for new materials

    once referred to as 'materials of 1,000 uses', plastics meet demands in everything from clothing and automotive sectors to the manufacturing of medical equipment and electronics.

  • wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    stan coveleski ( –) was an american major league baseball 450 career games from 1912 to 1928, coveleski posted a win–loss record of 215–142, with 224 complete games, 38 shutouts, and a 2.89 earned run average.he made his major league debut with the philadelphia athletics in 1912. he signed with the cleveland indians in 1916, playing nine seasons

  • michael j. therien duke chemistry

    our research involves the synthesis of compounds, supramolecular assemblies, nano scale objects, and electronic materials with unusual ground and excited state characteristics, and interrogating these structures using state of the art transient optical, spectroscopic, photophysical, and

  • new materials could 'drive wound healing' by harnessing

    · now, dr ben almquist and his team at imperial college london have created a new molecule that could change the way traditional materials work with the body.

  • palaeospondylus as a primitive hagfish zoological

    availability of data and material. the data supporting the conclusions of this article are included within the article and its additional files. the fossil specimens examined in this article are kept in american museum of natural history, new york, usa.

  • research article open access what about n? a

    transcribed material, the less depth and richness the authors will be able to extract from the material [21]. while this knowledge does not directly offer advice regarding how to achieve the optimal number of focus groups, it does highlight an issue that authors should be

  • journal of cardiothoracic surgery articles

    · fit 4 surgery, a bespoke app with biofeedback delivers rehabilitation at home before and after elective lung resection. pulmonary rehabilitation programme for lung surgery patients can reduce the risk of post operative complications but compliance to programmes can be

  • refractory trigeminal neuralgia treatment outcomes

    a handful of studies have reported outcomes with cyberknife radiosurgery (ckrs) for the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia. however, the follow up has been short with no minimum follow up required and have included patients with short duration of symptoms. here we report our institutional experience on patients with a minimum follow up of 1 year and a median follow up of 28 months (mean 38.84

  • bio dr. josé c. aponte

    the sciences and exploration directorate is the largest earth and space science research organization in the world. its scientists advance understanding of the earth and its life sustaining environment, the sun, the solar system, and the wider universe beyond. [full text (link) "chirality of meteoritic free and iom derived

  • design and fabrication of human skin by three dimensional

    · three dimensional (3d) bioprinting, a flexible automated on demand platform for the free form fabrication of complex living architectures, is a novel approach for the design and engineering of human organs and tissues.

  • scientists to produce anti cancer drugs in yeast

    · but the production methods based on extracts from natural resources are environmentally damaging and often give rise to extensive piles of chemical waste.

  • alterations in the gut microbiome and metabolism with

    coronary artery disease (cad) is associated with gut microbiota alterations in different populations. gut microbe derived metabolites have been proposed as markers of major adverse cardiac events. however, the relationship between the gut microbiome and the different stages of cad pathophysiology remains to be established by a systematic study.

  • probio: a biomarker driven study in patients with

    · probio will use outcome adaptive randomization, adapting the randomization based on the observed pfs within biomarker signatures. treatments will initially be assigned to patients based on the biomarker signatures for which that treatment is most likely to be effective.

  • bioinformatic analysis of the cle signaling peptide family

    full length protein sequences as well as conserved domains were analyzed in clans . the dataset was spiked with the 45 original query sequences to check their positioning and group assignment in clans. using the full length sequences, we found several sequences with more than one domain, which we noticed by their behaviour in clans.

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  • solutions manual for principles of electronic materials
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