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  • protex medical

    protex medical has been supplying your needs for 22 years and proudly proclaim the #1 spot as the largest usa supplier of re useable incontinent products such as rubber pants, plastic pants, latex pants and vinyl pants. protex medical. is shipping worldwide everyday. remember, when you place an order with us, that order is shipped within 48 hours, except weekends.

  • cuddlz adult plastic pants. unisex to wear over adult

    cuddlz adult plastic pants. unisex to wear over adult nappies or underwear for day and night protection. discreet delivery.

  • abdlfactory for incontinence, adult babies and

    plastic pants with wide strong soft elastics comfortable elastic at waist and legs, sides are sewn together hand wash and dry them with a to.. from €12.50

  • plastic pants or rubber pants?

    plastic pants were what i was raised in, but i like both. rairly wear rubber. hard to find and expensive, but many vinyl pants now days seem to be almost half rubber and very soft

  • dealing with diapers and plastic pants journals

    · my daughter is 16 and a bedwetter and wears the cloth pin on diapers and adult plastic pants to bed every night.they work for her.she started off in disposables,but got rashes from them,so it was the cloth diapers and plastic pants.i buy her the gerber flat cloth diapers,10 to a package,in the 24×27 inch size from target and walmart.her

  • adult waterproof noisy plastic pants diaper cover pvc

    adult waterproof noisy plastic pants diaper cover pvc (green, blue) // free ship 1 of 2 adult waterproof noisy plastic pants diaper cover pvc (green, blue) // free ship 2 2 of 2 see more see details on ebay amazon .ca search watch contact

  • lang adult vinyl pants life styles emporium

    enjoy our brand new shipment of lang vinyl. adult pants are made with the shiny side out; matte side out by request. baby pants are made with the matte side out.

  • vintage gerber vinyl pants baby rubber pants diaper covers

    vintage gerber vinyl pants toddler rubber pants diaper covers plastic diapers baby, diapering, diaper covers ebay! disposable diapers diaper cover pattern diaper covers plastic pants baby pants cloth diapers baby essentials vintage how to wear

  • should adults wear rubber or plastic pants? quora

    · i feel, in my opinion, that if a person wants to wear rubber/plastic pants.let them. in my case i wear them as underwear during the cold season to keep that part of my body warm. yes i wear them for kinky times too. i don't see why anyone would s

  • trainer pants

    adult sissy baby trainer pants made with 3 layers and lots of lace frills on the back and front, to wear by themselves or over your diaper. a lovely addition to your baby wardrobe! pretty cotton gingham cover with lots of lace to the back and front waterproof center layer thick towelling i..

  • adult diapers & nappies vitality medical

    adult plastic pants and diaper covers. adult swim diapers. how to choose the best nappy or diaper. choosing an adult diaper is as easy as determining what level of absorbency you need, the type of backsheet material you prefer, and the correct diaper size.

  • plastic vs. rubber pants how to adult

    before disposable diapers, babies and the incontinent made do with cloth diapers and plastic or rubber pants. plastic and rubber pants are available in an array of styles to meet the needs of babies, the elderly and everyone in between.

  • vinyl diaper pants vs. all other diaper covers

    i notice that everyone seems to use all different types of diaper covers, but haven't heard of anyone using the elastic waist and leg vinyl pants. is there a reason that no one uses them? i would think that they are classic, simple and inexpensive and why wouldn't they work as well as any other of the cloth diaper covers?

  • how to choose pin‐on cloth diapers for older children and

    · some people also call plastic pants "rubber pants" even though they actually mean plastic pants.the terminology "rubber pants" is incorrect. before the advent of plastic pants in the fifties "rubber pants" were the only style of waterproof pants available to cover baby diapers.

  • what's that sound? crinkles and the diapered adult baby

    · i call it a disturbing trend: diapers with "cloth like covers". but maybe the diaper lovers and adult babies out there like it it's more like today's baby diapers or reminds you of goodnites or something. but for me, the plastic cover of a diaper seems so essential: hearing the rustle of his diapers

  • plasticpants photos on flickr flickr

    pvc,rubber,plastic,dresses & skirts,pants & johdpurs. view allall photos tagged plasticpants. me much as i wish people would write long descriptions of their own photos here on flickr. ) no. i did not have diaper full of "stuff". what i had was large plastic pants full of diaper. they tell me i was a late walker. i say 'no, wonder.

  • dealing with diapers and plastic pants journals

    · teens and bed wetting:dealing with diapers and plastic pants ; parental decisions regarding bed wetting and diapers my daughter is 16 and a bedwetter and wears the cloth pin on diapers and adult plastic pants to bed every night.they work for her.she started off in disposables,but got rashes from them,so it was the cloth diapers and plastic

  • adult plastic pants adult plastic pants. skip to main content. adult diaper pants incontinence nappy, adjustable washable dual opening pocket reusable leakfree insert cloth diapers for disability care, waist range 28~47inch(blue) kidco door knob covers, white. 3.9 out of 5 stars 40.

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    blue popper adult baby plastic pvc diaper nappy pants 0 results. you may also like . adult baby plastic pants nappy diaper cover abdl ddlg sissy blue pvc windelhose. eur 16.69 vollverschweiß te straight pvc diaper pants plastic rubber briefs adult baby. eur 21.28;

  • 3 ways to pin a cloth diaper on an older bedwetting child

    · cover the diapers with a pair of plastic pants (or "rubber pants" as they're called by many people even though this is a misnomer). there are a couple of ways to do this, you can put them on the child while they are lying in bed or on the changing pad—in this case you have the child lift up their legs and bend them in a 90 degree angle, slide the leg holes of the pants over the child's

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