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the plastic in our oceans in the news

  • canadian plastics industry association ip in the news

    intelligent plastics in our lives; ip in the news; intelligent plastics in the news. get kids recycling at school: create a school recycling program. companies use ocean plastics to make products for eco minded consumers. wait that's plastics? (safety edition) build a vertical garden with plastics.

  • patagonia's new study finds fleece jackets are a serious

    · patagonia's new study finds fleece jackets are a serious pollutant the brand commissioned a study to find out how many synthetic microfibers—the tiny bits of plastic

  • an open letter to our politicians: save the oceans from

    the degradation of our waterways and oceans is a public health risk and has a direct impact to our economy, with the ban on commercial fishing and cautions around consumption of fish products from sydney harbour due to pollution — as just one current example.

  • updates the ocean cleanup

    the ocean cleanup is a non profit organization, developing the first feasible method to rid the world's ocean of plastic. read our recent updates here. the ocean cleanup is a non profit organization, developing the first feasible method to rid the world's ocean of plastic. read our recent updates here.

  • australian waters polluted by harmful tiny plastics

    · each square kilometre of australian sea surface water is contaminated by around 4,000 pieces of tiny plastics, according to our study published

  • a massive net is being deployed to pick up plastic in the

    the days of the great pacific garbage patch may be numbered. a highly anticipated project to scoop up plastic from the massive pool of ocean debris is poised to launch its first phase from alameda

  • menendez, whitehouse, sullivan launch newbipartisan

    the save our seas 2.0 act (s. 1982) is designed to spur innovation and help reduce the creation of plastic waste, find uses for already existing plastic waste to keep it from entering the oceans, and tackle this problem on a global scale. the plan builds on the progress made by the save our seas act, which was signed into law last fall.

  • cigarette butts are polluting the ocean more than plastic

    · read more: banning plastic straws — a look at how much it really helps, and who it could hurt on monday, a report by nbc news named cigarette butts as the single greatest source of ocean

  • laws that protect our oceans technical resources about

    information on laws that protect our oceans. we've made some changes to the information you are looking for is not here, web snapshot.

  • plastic: sea to source national geographic society

    approximately nine million tons of plastic waste end up in the ocean each year, threatening our ecosystems, wildlife and human health. by mobilizing global communities and investing in science, exploration, innovation and education, the national geographic society is working to tackle the world's plastic waste crisis.

  • the great pacific garbage patch may be 16 times as massive

    we're going to need a bigger trash can. a pooling of plastic waste floating in the ocean between california and hawaii contains at least 79,000 tons of material spread over 1.6 million square

  • plastic in oceans: 414 million pieces of trash found on

    about 14 million tons of plastic enter the ocean every year. some scientists estimate that there are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in oceans worldwide.; in a new study, scientists tallied

  • for a strawless ocean

    we use 500 million plastic straws every day in america. many plastic straws end up in our ocean, polluting water and harming sea life. join the movement, #stopsucking for a strawless ocean.

  • 4 things you can do about the great pacific garbage patch

    · . derek dodds here are four things you can do today to help reduce the trash in our ocean: 1. reduce plastic

  • in the news our plastic planet

    ©2018 by our plastic planet. proudly created with our plastic planet. the future in our hands. home. about. in the news. changemakers. our own efforts. more. the national geographic published a series of truly shocking pictures of the harm plastic is doing to the world. (as shared by the in the news. changemakers. our own

  • australian marine conservation society amcs

    climate change is heating our oceans, and killing the coral homes of fish and turtles. industrial scale fishing threatens the future of our fish stocks, and is killing our threatened and endangered animals dolphins, turtles and sharks. and every day, toxic plastic pollution flows into our oceans, choking our marine life.

  • plastic pollution coastal care

    the results: every year, 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in our oceans. it's equivalent to five grocery bags filled with plastic for every foot of coastline in the world. in 2025, the annual input is estimated to be about twice greater, or 10 bags full of plastic per foot of coastline. and the news is not good. in 2009, a

  • dutch inventor launches ocean cleanup mission mnn

    · dutch inventor launches ocean cleanup mission boyan slat's trash collecting booms have arrived in the great pacific garbage patch, and they've already begun picking up plastic trash.

  • sc johnson ceo talks microplastics, ocean health with

    news provided by. sc johnson discussed the pervasiveness of microplastics and its impact on the health of our ocean ecosystems. the ocean plastic crisis – marine debris and microplastics

  • gov't, business sector urged to 'find

    9 days ago· philippines is one of the major contributors to global marine life woes due to its so called "sachet economy," where companies and stores sell products in single used plastic sachets. a study conducted by ocean conservancy, a us based environmental advocacy group, revealed that 8 million tons of plastic enter the ocean each year, on top of

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